Research outcomes

Outcomes from the project will be listed here as they are made available.

Stakeholder report

In May 2015 I published the stakeholder report that details the main findings of the project. 

The book

I am currently writing a book provisionally titled Commuting Life: mobilities, experiences, transformations. 

This book provides a long-overdue account of the way that commuting is impacting on who we are, how we live and work, and how we inhabit cities. Based on research in Sydney, but with global significance, it provides new insights into the tensions and transformations that are arising from commuting.

This book is written to appeal to a broad readership that includes: 1. Academics (students, lecturers, researchers); 2. Practitioners and professionals with an interest in the management, planning, policy and design aspects of commuting spaces and experiences; and 3. General readers who are concerned about understanding one of the most significant mobilities of our time.

Academic outcomes

These outputs are written mainly for an academic audience in mind:

2016 Micropolitics of mobility: public transport commuting and everyday encounters with forces of enablement and constraint, Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 106(2):394-403.

2015 How environments speak: everyday mobilities, impersonal speech, and the geographies of commentarySocial and Cultural Geography, 16: 146-164.

2014 Transforming commuting mobilities: the memory of practiceEnvironment and Planning A, 46: 1946-1965.

2014 Encountering stressed bodies: slow creep transformations and tipping points of commuting mobilitiesGeoforum, 51:191-201.

2014 ‘Commuting and the multiple capacities of stillness’ in S. Hemelryk Donald and C. Lidner (eds.) Inert Cities: Globalization, Mobility and Suspension in Visual Culture. IB Taurus, London, 77-97.

Policy outcomes

2015 Submission to Senate inquiry on Aspects of Road Safety.

2014 Submission to Productivity Commission inquiry on Geographic Labour Mobility.

2014 Submission to Senate inquiry on The Role of Public Transport in delivering productivity outcomes.

Media coverage

The findings of the project have been featured in, TIME magazineCanberra TimesMedical DailyForum Vies Mobiles, SNCF, and (again!)

I have taken part in radio interviews with Canberra FM, 6PR Perth, 2UE Sydney, ABC Canberra 666, ABC Adelaide 891, and ABC Hobart 936.