Project overview

It is no secret that commuting within many Australian cities is the source of significant pressure.

Yet, while the stress of journeying to and from work is a part of everyday life in many Australian cities, its effects have not been properly understood.

This project is the first of its kind to explore how commuting stress emerges, plays out through home and work life, and impacts on the longer term plans of city workers and their families.

There are important economic productivity and public health reasons for understanding how commutes are impacting on people’s lives. However, improving the wellbeing of city workers and their families is an important objective in itself.

This project was designed to develop a richer understanding of:

  • how commutes are changing people
  • how commutes are impacting on people’s work and home lives
  • how commutes are impacting on people’s longer term plans
  • how the negative impacts of commuting are responded to by a range of diverse stakeholders.

Research was conducted with commuters and stakeholders in Sydney, Australia.

It aims to be useful for those involved in making cities better for their inhabitants.

The findings of this project increase our understanding of how life in our cities is undergoing change. They will be used to engage key industry stakeholders, policymakers and politicians on current issues of urban transportation.